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About us

Who Is The Sunglasses Outletsus?
The Deals Dude is a brand based on my life. Throughout my late teen years, people started calling me The Deals Dude. Now you might ask why did they call me that? The reason is that I always got the best deals on everything. Whether it was gadgets, clothes, accessories or anything else, I had built a repertoire of having the connections for almost anything & everything. Fast forward through the years, I began sharing my products with everyone around me. I started to gain some exposure in my hometown. All the exposure prompted me to share my gift with the rest of the world. It inspired me to take action and provide value to all the #sunglassesoutletsus out there. Along with my hardworking team, we've been able to continuously grow this company and continue to provide value to everyone around us.

About The Sunglasses Outletsus
At The Sunglasses Outletsus, we believe our customers deserve to be treated like royalty. The people who use our products are those that desire to enhance their lives in more ways than one. Whether it's a beauty product to help you feel your best or a hot gadget to make your life easier, The Sunglasses Outletsus is committed to our #Sunglassesoutletsus & their goals. A #Sunglassesoutletsus is always someone who gets the most value out of every thing they purchase and every thing they do. While is home of the #Sunglassesoutletsus, our movement is much bigger than us.

Our company is based out of Windsor, Ontario and ships to the majority of countries worldwide. We work around the clock to constantly add new products to quench our #Sunglassesoutletsus value filled addictions. Snap a picture of you with your favourite products and share them on social media.

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What is Our Mission?
Our mission is "To provide value in some way, shape or form to every single person we encounter, whether it be online or offline."

What does this mean?
This means that we will ensure that all our products, customer service, and user experience is held to the highest standard possible to ensure your complete satisfaction.