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Shipping - Delivery

How much does shipping cost?
Free shipping

Where do we ship to?
The currently ships worldwide, with exclusions to countries in Asia & Europe. We are always looking to expand our shipping network.

How long does shipping take?
Shipping times vary between different products. Specific shipping times for each product are present in each product descriptions. The average shipping takes 7-20 business days depending on your location. In very rare instances due to postal delays and errors, shipping make take a little bit longer. To avoid any delays, make sure to confirm that the shipping address provided is correct.

How are multiple item orders dealt with?
When you place an order with multiple items, each item is shipped out as soon as it is individually processed. Because we work with a big network of manufacturers from all order the world, orders may be shipped in several parcels. However, shipping times remain the same.

Customs Fees

The does its best to ensure that there is no additional fees when you receive your orders. However, in case of an unexpected fee such as a customs fee, the customer is fully responsible for covering that charge.